Welcome wary Internet traveler, you’ve just entered the digital realm of Billingsgate Brewing. Please stay seated and do a little exploring. If you work up an indomitable thirst, try as we might, there is no way for us to fill your cup with even our most amiable beverage, for this is a virtual forum. Perhaps when we meet in meat-space we can toast and convive together. We hope that day arrives soon.


For neigh on 500 hundred years, the grounds of Billingsgate Market have been tread upon by the likes of Lords and Ladies, Misers and Ministers. Fine businessmen in bespoke suits conduct trades while the oysterwives of fishermen scream brazen obscenities that would make a criminal blush. It is the course language used by the fishmongers that made Billingsgate billingsgate, a term now synonymous with tongues as foul as the viscera lining the floors.

Just off the coast of mainland America, there once rose an island out of the Atlantic Ocean. For nearly a century, the lighthouse on Billingsgate Island granted safe passage to the new world. Alas, the mighty tides of the Atlantic Ocean have consumed the island, giving rise to the legend of the "Atlantis of Cape Cod."

It is in this spirit of bawdy characters, tailored finery and fabled lands that Billingsgate Brewing operates. We craft small batch brews with the same care and dedication of our forebearers, while pushing the boundaries of what a beer can be. Oh, and like all fine craftsmen, we tend to swear a bit in the process.

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